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Can’t say we don’t clean up nice.
Megan Nicole: Double Trouble
Matt thinks we don’t look like a couple of trendy hipstaz in this photo,I think otherwise. 
But either way how can you not want to be our friend? 
I would take a bullet for this girl. 
Purple and eyeliner. 
I don’t know where I could be without these two. I miss being a weirdo with them. 

I’m the kind of sick person that refuses to take any medicine or accept the fact that I’m sick until it’s been seven weeks. And then I’m so riddled with bacteria and deliriously ill that I literally crawl to the cabinet and stuff myself with more than the recommended dose of everything that will remotely help me. 

I should probably change my ways. 

That awkward moment when a porno blog reblogs your photos of you and your friends…

Easy mode costume!