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Oops I did it again 😏#shaveyshave #hair #shavedhead #tattoo #septum #makeup #questioneverything #beingawesomeandstuff
Fourth year fun. #artstudent #art #design #illustration #geometric #abstract #ink
Double-apple flavoured #hookah time and #Sapporo. Not a bad predinner 👍
#beer #scarf #headband #jeanjacket #smile #septum #hair

"It hurt, but I still stayed."

- Six Word Story #23 by absentions  (via tailgatesanddirtroads)

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i wanna ride your dick but i also want to make you cookies and tell you how much of a good person you are


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Bored work doodles

Elbow ditch lotus inspired mandala done by Kyle Hollingdrake @ The Okey Doke in Toronto, ON. 
"You can only recognize your happiness against the background of suffering. If you have not suffered hunger, you do not appreciate having something to eat. If you have not gone through a war, you don’t know the value of peace. That is why we should not try to run away from one thing after another thing. Holding our suffering, looking deeply into it, we find a way to happiness.”
- Thich Nhat Hanh

F yeah, Peter! <3

"I never know if what I paint is coming from my memory, my imagination, or some composite of the two."

"The juxtaposition of inequality in this city is really bothersome to me. You have shops selling $5 lattes placed right across the street from buildings full of people who could never dream of spending money in that way."